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NHS Orthodontic Care for Children and Teens

NHS orthodontic treatment is available for children under 18 years of age subject to certain conditions. Children must be referred to us by their dentist in order to be assessed for NHS treatment.

The NHS have set out guidelines on the conditions which will be funded by the NHS. In general only moderate to severe orthodontic conditions will be funded by the NHS. Following an assessment visit we will advise you whether you will qualify for treatment under the NHS. The range of braces and techniques available on NHS funding is limited but we provide a high quality service available.

If appliances are lost or broken, the Health Board may charge for replacements.

NHS Orthodontic Care for Adults

Most orthodontic treatment of adults is undertaken on a private basis. All NHS assessments must be instigated by an NHS referral request from a dental surgeon. Go to private treatment information...

Independent Treatment

If your orthodontic condition is not sufficiently severe to be covered by the NHS, you can opt to have NHS type steel braces as on Independent Care basis. In this way you can have orthodontic problems that do not qualify fo NHS funding treated at a fraction of the cost of Private Care. The braces and appointment options will be similar to those you would have as an NHS patient.

Cosmetic and Invisible Braces

Cosmetic and invisible braces and aligners are not available on NHS funded treatment. We are also limited to the flexibility of appointment times we can offer on NHS funded treatment. If you require specific time slots or you require more discrete braces or aligners we can advise you on the suitability of a private treatment plan.